Josh Gibson is God

May 30, 2024

As the mongrelization and usurpation of white America continues unabated, Major League baseball has, in their unending quest to ruin our erstwhile national pastime and appease the race hustlers, decided Negro League statistics should commingle with centuries of MLB stats.  Thus, Josh Gibson has leapfrogged Babe Ruth and several others to, just like that, rise to the top of a number of long-held and cherished batting record lists.

Never mind that the Negro League seasons were generally only 40-50 games, and a majority of those were competed on barnstorming tours and exhibitions against former major leaguers.  It’s the classic case of apples to oranges, but the powers to be have decreed that whitey must go, and so Josh Gibson is now God’s gift to baseball.  His body of work consists of 602 games played in 14 Negro League seasons–the equivalent of approximately four major league seasons– with record-keeping of largely unverified and dubious sourcing.

Still…Josh Gibson is the best baseball player the world has ever seen…BECAUSE THE LIBERAL MEDIA SAYS SO!  This, of course, begs the obvious question:  will MLB now start recording statistics on most baby mommas in a career?  Most strip club pistol whippings in a single season?  And what if Pacman Jones decides to pursue a baseball career?  Does he get grandfathered in as the all-time leader in club bouncers paralyzed?

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