Hawaiian Haole Hellhole

August 28, 2023

Because I do so love to see liberals choke on the shit sandwich they force on the rest of us, it was with particular glee that I watched a liberal Maui wildfire victim castigate the Maui County Council for their criminal negligence during the Lahaina conflagration.  “She was a liberal, you say?  How can you tell?”  Well it was easy really…Christine Borge is her name, and she has all the symptoms and earmarks that define that feral species–wild gesticulations, overt racism, glaring contradictions, failure to identify the real problem, and of course, physical unattractiveness.  I waffled for a moment, I must confess, when I didn’t see a face diaper, but when she led her diatribe with a screed about cultural insensitivity, the darkness of her skin, and the evil mainlanders, I knew I had bagged a real live liberal.

Borge continues to remonstrate about being a “forced American, not a proud American,” while all the time begging for largesse from the very country she hates.  The typical dim liberal, Borge blames it all on whitey while continuing to vote for the big government that didn’t just allow, but actually created, the havoc and deathscape that has engulfed the beautiful island.

Now, predictably, Borge is being painted as a sympathetic figure by conservative news outlets eager to blame the chaos, and rightfully so, on the entirely-Democrat Lahaina, Maui, and state governments behind the fiasco.  I first encountered the Borge video on a conservative website, but was only shown a 54-second clip where she gores the proper ox…that is the feckless bureaucrats with (D) next to their names.  But since I trust NO ONE on ANYTHING, I did some research and found a 5-minute clip of her entire rant.  It was here I discovered that she was a bigot whining about aid workers whom she claimed regarded her and fellow victims “like leprosy people…in our dark skin.”  Lesson #1:  NEVER TRUST THE MEDIA, WHATEVER SIDE THEY CLAIM TO BE ON.  Lesson #2: It’s always the people bitching about race that are the biggest racists.

Borge goes on to vilify “people from the mainland who are culturally insensitive,” and then foments more division by asking, “Who is it benefitting, us or America?”  Us or America?  Ponder that one for a moment.

But since she is a card-carrying liberal, bereft of any abstract thought or self-awareness, Borge tells the very same people she hates to come to the island and spend money since she, as a hospitality worker, needs them.  “Tourists…come.  We love you.  We have Aloha.  You gave us money through donations.  We’re not saying don’t come.  Come…because you will be helping us.”  But she doesn’t want to be American and she hates haole.  Got it.

Since no teachable liberal moment is complete without stultifying stupidity, Borge pisses and moans about the emerging notion of Maui being used as a satellite city—the Bill Gates and NWO-inspired serfdoms where the elite and filthy-rich like Barack, Big Mike, Jeff Bezos, and fat ass Oprah can lord on their own private paradises without having to muck about with the peasantry.  Yet it’s the aforementioned scumbags and Democrat politicians whom Borge votes for that are pushing the satellite city concept.  And she still voted for those very people.

But how, you might wonder, do I really know that Christine Borge voted for Democrats?  Again, it was really easy.  Hawaii has a Democrat governor, two Democrat senators, two out of two Democrat representatives in the House, and voted for Joe Biden at a 63% clip in 2020.  In the 16 presidential elections since attaining statehood in 1959, Hawaii has voted 14 times for Democrats, the only two outliers being the landslide victories of Nixon and Reagan.  Hometown hero Barack Obama, who has been notable for his absence during this debacle, was elected at over 70% both times he ran.

Furthermore, Maui’s despicable mayor, Richard Bissen, and all his toadies, are Democrats.  Now since I use practical math and not COVID math, laws of probability say that old Christine pulls the (D) lever every four years with nary a single thought, and then probably tosses in a couple mail-in ballots for good measure.

I never thought I could delight in the misery of others, and I’ve always welcomed opposing viewpoints, but when those viewpoints are always delivered with such venom and smugness, I feel no shame in dancing on some graves.  Lap it up, Christine, you voted for it.

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