Josh Gibson is God

May 30, 2024

As the mongrelization and usurpation of white America continues unabated, Major League baseball has, in their unending quest to ruin our erstwhile national pastime and appease the race hustlers, decided Negro League statistics should commingle with centuries of MLB stats.  Thus, Josh Gibson has leapfrogged Babe Ruth and several others to, just like that, rise to the top of a number of long-held and cherished batting record lists.

Never mind that the Negro League seasons were generally only 40-50 games, and a majority of those were competed on barnstorming tours and exhibitions against former major leaguers.  It’s the classic case of apples to oranges, but the powers to be have decreed that whitey must go, and so Josh Gibson is now God’s gift to baseball.  His body of work consists of 602 games played in 14 Negro League seasons–the equivalent of approximately four major league seasons– with record-keeping of largely unverified and dubious sourcing.

Still…Josh Gibson is the best baseball player the world has ever seen…BECAUSE THE LIBERAL MEDIA SAYS SO!  This, of course, begs the obvious question:  will MLB now start recording statistics on most baby mommas in a career?  Most strip club pistol whippings in a single season?  And what if Pacman Jones decides to pursue a baseball career?  Does he get grandfathered in as the all-time leader in club bouncers paralyzed?

Hawaiian Haole Hellhole

August 28, 2023

Because I do so love to see liberals choke on the shit sandwich they force on the rest of us, it was with particular glee that I watched a liberal Maui wildfire victim castigate the Maui County Council for their criminal negligence during the Lahaina conflagration.  “She was a liberal, you say?  How can you tell?”  Well it was easy really…Christine Borge is her name, and she has all the symptoms and earmarks that define that feral species–wild gesticulations, overt racism, glaring contradictions, failure to identify the real problem, and of course, physical unattractiveness.  I waffled for a moment, I must confess, when I didn’t see a face diaper, but when she led her diatribe with a screed about cultural insensitivity, the darkness of her skin, and the evil mainlanders, I knew I had bagged a real live liberal.

Borge continues to remonstrate about being a “forced American, not a proud American,” while all the time begging for largesse from the very country she hates.  The typical dim liberal, Borge blames it all on whitey while continuing to vote for the big government that didn’t just allow, but actually created, the havoc and deathscape that has engulfed the beautiful island.

Now, predictably, Borge is being painted as a sympathetic figure by conservative news outlets eager to blame the chaos, and rightfully so, on the entirely-Democrat Lahaina, Maui, and state governments behind the fiasco.  I first encountered the Borge video on a conservative website, but was only shown a 54-second clip where she gores the proper ox…that is the feckless bureaucrats with (D) next to their names.  But since I trust NO ONE on ANYTHING, I did some research and found a 5-minute clip of her entire rant.  It was here I discovered that she was a bigot whining about aid workers whom she claimed regarded her and fellow victims “like leprosy people…in our dark skin.”  Lesson #1:  NEVER TRUST THE MEDIA, WHATEVER SIDE THEY CLAIM TO BE ON.  Lesson #2: It’s always the people bitching about race that are the biggest racists.

Borge goes on to vilify “people from the mainland who are culturally insensitive,” and then foments more division by asking, “Who is it benefitting, us or America?”  Us or America?  Ponder that one for a moment.

But since she is a card-carrying liberal, bereft of any abstract thought or self-awareness, Borge tells the very same people she hates to come to the island and spend money since she, as a hospitality worker, needs them.  “Tourists…come.  We love you.  We have Aloha.  You gave us money through donations.  We’re not saying don’t come.  Come…because you will be helping us.”  But she doesn’t want to be American and she hates haole.  Got it.

Since no teachable liberal moment is complete without stultifying stupidity, Borge pisses and moans about the emerging notion of Maui being used as a satellite city—the Bill Gates and NWO-inspired serfdoms where the elite and filthy-rich like Barack, Big Mike, Jeff Bezos, and fat ass Oprah can lord on their own private paradises without having to muck about with the peasantry.  Yet it’s the aforementioned scumbags and Democrat politicians whom Borge votes for that are pushing the satellite city concept.  And she still voted for those very people.

But how, you might wonder, do I really know that Christine Borge voted for Democrats?  Again, it was really easy.  Hawaii has a Democrat governor, two Democrat senators, two out of two Democrat representatives in the House, and voted for Joe Biden at a 63% clip in 2020.  In the 16 presidential elections since attaining statehood in 1959, Hawaii has voted 14 times for Democrats, the only two outliers being the landslide victories of Nixon and Reagan.  Hometown hero Barack Obama, who has been notable for his absence during this debacle, was elected at over 70% both times he ran.

Furthermore, Maui’s despicable mayor, Richard Bissen, and all his toadies, are Democrats.  Now since I use practical math and not COVID math, laws of probability say that old Christine pulls the (D) lever every four years with nary a single thought, and then probably tosses in a couple mail-in ballots for good measure.

I never thought I could delight in the misery of others, and I’ve always welcomed opposing viewpoints, but when those viewpoints are always delivered with such venom and smugness, I feel no shame in dancing on some graves.  Lap it up, Christine, you voted for it.

Nothing To Sneeze At

September 30, 2019

The world’s foremost health expert

Because liberals can never seem to get enough of telling others exactly how to live their lives, Oprah Winfrey admonished us all to heed her advice and get our flu shots.  After developing a case of pneumonia from an overseas trip, Winfrey spoke on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and mooed, “Don’t play with it, get your flu shots.  Get your pneumonia shots.  It’s nothing to play with.  It takes people out.  But I’m telling you, it changed the way I look at wellness.”

As much as I do love getting “wellness” advice from a woman who’s spent her entire public life 80 pounds overweight, I think I can take quite good care of myself without her fat ass butting in.  When it was noted that “TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie and “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg were also recently afflicted with the same infection, it occurred to me:  Maybe it’s just a virus that affects unattractive, liberal, loudmouth asshole talk show hosts.  If so, I’m rooting for a pandemic.


Daily Musings on the Wacko Left

September 24, 2019

As the left’s constant hand-wringing and hectoring about climate change begins to fall more and more on deaf ears, the amoral savages in charge of the movement have done what the left always does: they sink into the primordial swamp. This time it’s by enlisting petulant little scold Greta Thunberg to do their bidding. This dead-eyed little freak, with mental instabilities too numerous to list here, has been used–terrified and coerced into doing the left’s business by shrieking at a bunch of UN patsies about how she’d like to change the world. It’s yet another sign of the apocalypse, but merely business as usual for the left. Only they would cede control of such a momentous issue to a 16-year old who upon reaching high school will surely be voted “Most Likely To Shoot Up a Schoolyard.” An utterly chilling vacant stare–the ultimate liberal.

Eco Stepford
An Elizabeth Warren in the Making





Meanwhile, back at the ranch and on the very same day, while the liberal, loudmouth, do-nothing Democrats in Sacramento were flapping their gums, a “conservative activist” was rolling up his sleeves and doing some actual work. Scott Presler took a team of volunteers to Los Angeles’ skid row and removed 50 tons of filth and garbage off the streets. Take a look at this before and after video of his work.


It takes a Trump-loving conservative to clean up in one day what all the douchebag celebrity liberals and holier than thou assholes have never even attempted to do. It just goes to show the clean-up can easily be accomplished in other Democratic shithole cities (Presler has performed this work in Baltimore and other cities as well) if only the liberals would get off their asses instead of braying mindless platitudes about homelessness and flogging Donald Trump 24/7.

Alas, as the story always goes, whatever good a conservative does is bound to be undone by the scumbags on the left. While Presler was fighting the good fight, the eco ankle-biters skipping school to scream at the sky about climate change were leaving trash in their wake.

NYC Woke–Too Stupid To See The Irony
Detritus from anti-corporate “environmentalists.” Starbucks, anyone?











  • Because no day is complete without some good ol’ #MeToo, let’s check in on Hollywood, where serial sexual predator Andy Dick is fending off criminal charges for the most recent of his innumerable crotch grabs. Seems an unsuspecting Uber driver found the asshole’s hand in her lap and wasn’t too happy that he was clamming without a license.  Andy will get nothing but a slap on said hand because the rich and famous seem to get away with anything, and this beanpole scuzzbag has a complicit Hollywood that preaches incessantly, but continues to give him work. We are, after all, talking about a town that gives standing ovations to convicted rapists like Roman Polanski and lionizes fine human beings like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

But if old Andy wants to keep putting his hands where they don’t belong, he’d better learn to keep those hands up first. Relish this feel-good video of New Orleans resident David Hale landing a haymaker to the comedian’s melon, delivered from a windup that would make Juan Marichal envious.  Seems they don’t take kindly to having their sacks pawed down in the Bayou!  Welcome to the real world, Andy! 


Marichal shows how to throw a punch








  • And while we’re on the subject, here are a couple of beauties widely known for their championing of survivors and women’s causes.             
Hillary and Democratic mega-donor and sexual deviant Ed Buck who was arrested this month for murdering a gay lover.  Two men have died in Buck’s house in the last two years
Liberal Royalty














She cares about women
A cunt and a Weiner
26 times on the “Lolita Express”



















  • And finally from the “there but for the grace of Trump” files


A circus clown under the tent
(daily mail)


You Just Can’t Fix Stupid!

June 23, 2019

Democratic Paradise (Courtesy of
Democratic Paradise
(Courtesy of


Good morning, boys and girls.  Let’s play a game.  I’m going to submit a list of 14 “shithole” cities followed by a date.  Let’s see if you can guess the significance of said dates, keeping in mind that these cities represent the worst this country has to offer.  These are all cities rife with police corruption and political malfeasance, out of control drug use, vagrancy, and sky high crime rates; many have fallen into bankruptcy.  Sanctuary cities all.  Let’s have a go!!

  1.  Detroit  1962
  2.  Los Angeles  1961
  3.  San Francisco  1964
  4.  Chicago  1931
  5.  Philadelphia  1952
  6.  Baltimore  1967
  7.  Newark  1953
  8.  Houston  1982
  9.  Seattle  1969
  10.  New Orleans  1872
  11.  St. Louis  1949
  12.  Oakland  1977
  13.  Washington D.C.  1961
  14.  New York City  2001

Give up yet?  These dates represent the last time the respective cities had anything other than Democratic mayors.  Of the 14, eight have never seen a Republican mayor in my lifetime, and I’m 55 years old.

New York City looks like the outlier here, with Republican Rudy Giuliani having helmed the dump in 2001, but fear not:  Giuliani was an aberration.  You have to go back to 1971 to find a Republican prior to Rudy, and indeed, Gotham City has only produced four Republican mayors in the last 103 years.

Bonus points to Los Angeles, which has reported several cases of bubonic plague (yes, that bubonic plague), and many cases of typhus, due to rampant rat infestation, unchecked immigration, garbage everywhere, and “homeless” who like to shit in the streets.  Eric Garcetti, Nancy Pelosi, and Gavin Newsom have a solution:  bring in more unvetted illegals from Mexico, the country that features 12 of the 50 cities with the highest homicide rates in the world.  Central and South American cities as a whole account for 41 of the aforementioned 50 cities with highest homicide rates, but FaceTuck Nancy and soy boys Eric and Gavin will tell you that the caravans making their way north are full of Rhodes Scholars and budding young engineers just waiting for a shot at the American Dream.

All the Democrats need, they say, is to be rid of those pesky, racist Republicans, and, of course, more of your taxpayer dollars!!  LOL!!  You just can’t fix stupid!

U.S. Immigration–The Best and The Brightest!

February 5, 2019


Rapper Savage 21 clearly stumped as he tries to put two and two together


Because America needs more imports like this, isn’t that right, liberals?

Rapper Savage 21 was arrested by ICE days ago for overstaying his visa by ten years, but liberals are outraged at the effrontery of enforcing the law.  The Brit native, who has lied his entire career about his roots to gain “street cred”, now rightly faces deportation from the country he has defiled ever since he moved here fourteen years ago.

His lawyer, Charles Kuck, well-steeped in mendacity and clearly devoid of shame, said this about the 26-year-old rapper born Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph in London:

“Mr. Abraham-Joseph is clearly not a danger to the community, and in fact, his contributions to local communities and schools that he grew up in are examples of the type of immigrant we want in America,” he wrote, vowing, “We and he will fight for his release, for his family, and his right to remain in our country.  No one would expect less from him.”

Since we can all agree diversity and immigration are what makes this country great, let’s run down the resume for this stalwart and “role model” according to his lawyer Dina LaPolt (one can never have too many lawyers when you’re a rapper).

1) One of 11 children raised by a single mother (always a prescription for success).  One brother shot dead during a drug deal gone bad.

2) Banned permanently from every school in DeKalb County, GA, in seventh grade for bringing a gun to school.

3) After completing eighth grade became a full-time drug dealer and joined a street gang affiliated with the “Bloods.”

4) At the age of 19, loses his best friend in a shootout.

5) On his 21st birthday, is shot six times in the same shootout that killed his brother.  (Reports differ on who was shot during which shootout–can’t keep them all straight LOL!!).

6) Convicted of felony drug charges in 2014.

7) Unmarried, has 3 children by at least two women.

Did I miss anything?

Fellow rapper Cardi B, who validates the premise that you’re known by the company you keep, had this to say on Instagram:

“Now let me get ghetto ….and for ya d*ck breath motherf**kers talking bout “sO hE nOt FrOm AtLaNta “ he grew up there !his kids and family live there and BLEW UP there with the support of the community he was raised in.Thank you @21savage for being really good friend to me and @offsetyrn and always coming thru when we need you .”

Rumor has it that was supposed to be English!

Cardi B’s resume includes membership in the “Bloods”, a career as a stripper, and an arrest for trying to arrange the beatings of two bartenders.  Always the eloquent voice of the rap world, this lovely young woman has made incisive observations like, “Ever since I started using guys, I feel so much better about myself. I feel so damn powerful.” 

In another Churchillian moment she intoned, “People be asking me, ‘What do you does? Are you a model? Are you, like, a comedian or something?’ Nah, I ain’t none of that. I’m a hoe. I’m a stripper hoe. I’m about this shmoney.”

Yes, folks, Savage 21 is what passes as a solid immigrant in the progressive world.  You can’t make it up! Keep it real, libs!




The Face Not Even a Mother Could Love

February 3, 2019


kathy-griffinKathy Griffin (courtesy of Faces of Death)

Take a look at this face!!  Now if that’s what was looking back at you in the mirror every morning, wouldn’t you be angry and unhinged every day, too?  That mug is one-stop shopping for bulimics!!  What really sends ol’ Kathy over the edge though is that she knows she’s far uglier on the inside.  MAGA!!!!!

Can We Finally Be Rid of This Treasonous Moron?

June 14, 2016

So a man with no balls gets some criticism from a man who has them aplenty, and, of course, the response is to be the petty, thin-skinned, and ineffectual empty suit that he’s been for the last eight years.  President Obama did today what he does best—vented against Donald Trump for telling the truth–and put on full display what a feckless and dangerous president he is.

Trump finally got under his and Hillary’s skin and forced them both to capitulate and utter the OH MY GOSH dreaded words “Islamic Terrorism.”  Hey, Barack HUSSEIN, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it probably is a duck!!  Obama’s intractable refusal to use the phrase “Islamic Terrorism” is a window to his utterly clueless soul where the Ft. Hood massacre is deemed workplace violence and the recent shootings in Orlando are considered an attack on the LGBT community (pardon me if I missed a letter in the ever-expanding whiner community which considers everyone but white, hard-working male Americans to be a protected class in need of safe spaces) even as the shooter professed his support for ISIS throughout the massacre.  (Obama, of course, calls the enemy ISIL in another demonstration of his self-perceived erudition—ten will get you twenty he has no idea what the L stands for, he just knows that if the mass of Americans say ISIS, he’ll say ISIL.)

With today’s petulant outburst, Barack HUSSEIN has removed all doubt about who our next President should be, and trust me, it shouldn’t be wearing a Mao pantsuit and touting a vagina as its only selling point.  God forbid a continuation of the policies which have mired this country in the toilet bowl eddy from which I fear there is no escape.


Barack HUSSEIN posed a number of questions and made several pronouncements that I’ll address one by one.


  • In speaking of the words “Islamic Terrorism” Obama asked, “What exactly would using this label accomplish?”

Well, it would let your constituents know that you have the ability to connect some dots and that you want to start targeting the people responsible for the bloodshed instead of denigrating gun-owning Americans who simply want to protect themselves from the trash that you’re importing on a daily basis under the guise of compassion.  If someone asks me to jump into a pool of fish, I’d think it fairly important to know if those fish are sharks or guppies.  You can’t attack an enemy if you don’t sharpen your focus and aim at it.  It is not Jews committing these daily slaughters across the globe…it is not Christians and it’s not Buddhists, Hindus, or Taoists.  It’s Muslims!


  • “Since before I was president I’ve been clear about how extremist groups have perverted Islam to justify terrorism,” the sympathizer said.

Well the time has come to explore if there is a difference between “extremist” Muslims and “mainstream” Muslims.  This is a religion that marginalizes and kills gays, women, Jews, Christians, and infidels yet we’re supposed to be tolerant of them.  There are TEN Muslim countries where the penalty for homosexuality is death including Saudi Arabia where you famously groveled and bowed to King Abdullah during a trip on April 1, 2009 (I mention the date as it’s not lost on me that it was April Fool’s Day!).  Are we to infer that these ten countries aren’t mainstream?  That they are extremist?  Then maybe we shouldn’t be doing business with them and lifting their sanctions.  But you get after Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A, Mr. Prez.


  • Obama went on to say, “Not once has an advisor of mine said, ‘Man, if we use that phrase, we’re going to turn this whole thing around.’”

That’s because your advisors, including the Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, are as dim as you are and proudly belong to the agenda driven “Hate America First” crowd that you’ve consorted with your entire life.


  • “Does someone seriously think we don’t know who we’re fighting?”

Well apparently not since you keep denying the obvious and continue to embrace Syrian refugees and other unvetted immigrants that are at best a financial burden, and at worst, killers waiting to happen.  The FBI was suspicious of, and had two separate contacts with, the Orlando murderer, but political correctness prevented them from taking action to head off the carnage.  This was also the case with the San Bernardino killer whom neighbors accused of being suspicious, but who didn’t speak out lest they be called bigoted.  You, Barack HUSSEIN, have engendered a climate where people are more fearful of being called racists than identifying and eliminating the murderers in our midst.


  • Obama doubled down on his naivete (or outright hostility to the country—I honestly can’t tell anymore) by declaring that the Orlando, San Bernardino, and Ft. Hood killers were all American citizens.

This is classic political obfuscation of which he is the grand master.  They were,    indeed, citizens, but they shouldn’t have been—that’s the point.  All three killers   were second-generation citizens whose parents came to the United States from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the West Bank, respectively.  Do you see a commonality there, Barack HUSSEIN????  As Trump has suggested we need to start wising up and looking out for ourselves.  There are certain regions of the world whose people don’t like us, and whom we don’t need.  Look at Molenbeek, Paris, Cologne, and even Dearborn, Michigan.  Muslims who refuse to assimilate have taken over and they grow bolder by the day.  They’re not afraid to denounce Western values loudly and brazenly even in their new countries, but we need to walk on eggshells to make sure we don’t offend them.

Alas, our spineless president’s most recent hissy fit can’t even be attributed to a heartfelt or sincere motive since he has no convictions or moral center other than his personal left-wing agenda.  The political undertones were manifested by a gratuitous swipe at Donald Trump whom he derisively mocked for tweeting and appearing on cable news shows.  If it weren’t so dangerous it would be hilarious that this wannabe rock star of a president condemns someone else for appearing on television.  At least Trump has the courage to go to various media outlets and hostile territory to answer questions which are invariably meant to make him look bad, while Obama busies himself slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon and patting himself on the back with his fawning liberal sycophants in Hollywood.


Finally the empty suit reveals the true enemy, the only enemy he has the fortitude to take on.  “Do Republican officials actually agree with this?” he asks in reference to the use of the words “Islamic Terrorism.”  No they don’t, Barack HUSSEIN, that’s why they were decimated in the primaries, steamrolled by a Donald Trump who received more votes than any Republican nominee in history.  He actually wants to put America and Americans first.  What a refreshing concept for a President!

I’m Yours, But You’re Not Mine–Mraz Sells Out!

January 20, 2012


Add singer/songwriter Jason Mraz to the long list of elite, hypocritical Hollywood douchebags that say one thing but do another. As a starving actor in Los Angeles, I’m a member of Actor’s Access, a website that sends out breakdowns for acting roles in commercials, television, films, and yes, music videos. While perusing the site this morning, I was ASTONISHED (much like Louis’ astonishment over gambling in Casablanca) that Mraz has sent out a breakdown looking for NON-UNION actors to perform in his upcoming video.


Mraz is an outspoken Obama supporter and faithful liberal idiot who specializes in feeble posturing like saying he won’t get married until gays have the same rights, etc., all the while conveniently overlooking the fact that the sainted one opposes gay marriage. Now Mraz has turned one of his two faces to making a buck while turning his back on his fellow performers in SAG/AFTRA by saving a few pennies in hiring the cheapest labor he can find. With this snub to union actors, Mraz now joins the ranks of Michael Moore, another “champion of the people” who likes to hire non-union help for his films, and Russell Simmons, who marches with the Occupy Wall Street knuckleheads even as he hawks credit cards with predatory lending rates to the very people he professes he’s looking out for.


“Do as I say, not as I do.” That’s what should be emblazoned across every marquee in Hollywood as the “progressive and enlightened” millionaire singers and actors lecture us about the plight of the common man from their secluded enclaves high in the Hollywood Hills.

Come On Hollywood, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

April 18, 2011


Well it’s time to put up or shut up all you sanctimonious liberal elites in Hollywood. A perfectly ripe opportunity is developing that will allow you to once again demonstrate how enlightened and sensitive you all are to the plight of the downtrodden. So come on down Susan Sarandon and bring your boy Tim with you. Step right up, Sean Penn, and drag George Clooney along. I know Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, and Janeane Garofalo will be first in line to get the ball rolling. And you all know what you need to do: Boycott the Cannes Film Festival!!


You see France continues to subjugate and discriminate in ways that must surely be offensive to your sensibilities. Why just today those wine-swilling, baguette-munching monsters stopped a trainload of Tunisian refugees at the border and refused them entry because after years of being overrun by Muslims who refuse to assimilate, they have finally figured out that “embracing other cultures” is harmful to the homeland—that their very own history and traditions stand to be subverted by foreigners who look to exploit rather than enculturate.


This outrageous atrocity at the border comes hard on the heels of the French law that forbids the wearing of burqas in public. Surely in the face of all this oppression and hate-mongering in the home of the Fleur de Lis, Johnny Depp will pull up stakes, and the Hollywood limousine liberals will shun the south of France and refuse their Palme d’Or’s. Or not.


I’m sure it’s not that hard to boycott Arizona when it commits crimes against humanity because who wants to hang out with the cactus, overbearing heat, and Mexican drug criminals anyway? But you’ll have to dig a little deeper to forsake the Riviera and its long, bloated list of five-star shops, restaurants, and beaches. You’ll really have to show some intestinal fortitude on this one, but I have faith. After all, far be it from the Hollywood royalty to think of themselves when there are freeloaders waiting at the trough.


It’s hard to feel sorry for the overwhelmed French people as they and the other European Union nations thought it would be warm and fuzzy to have a global community and now are suffering the consequences as they discover that fairy tales are just that. Alas, the stagecoach always turns back into a pumpkin, and now the French have to try and make pie; but at least they’re trying to regain their sovereignty, unlike the ignorant Hollywood types who live in the hills and Malibu while the little people are swarmed.