I’m Yours, But You’re Not Mine–Mraz Sells Out!

January 20, 2012


Add singer/songwriter Jason Mraz to the long list of elite, hypocritical Hollywood douchebags that say one thing but do another. As a starving actor in Los Angeles, I’m a member of Actor’s Access, a website that sends out breakdowns for acting roles in commercials, television, films, and yes, music videos. While perusing the site this morning, I was ASTONISHED (much like Louis’ astonishment over gambling in Casablanca) that Mraz has sent out a breakdown looking for NON-UNION actors to perform in his upcoming video.


Mraz is an outspoken Obama supporter and faithful liberal idiot who specializes in feeble posturing like saying he won’t get married until gays have the same rights, etc., all the while conveniently overlooking the fact that the sainted one opposes gay marriage. Now Mraz has turned one of his two faces to making a buck while turning his back on his fellow performers in SAG/AFTRA by saving a few pennies in hiring the cheapest labor he can find. With this snub to union actors, Mraz now joins the ranks of Michael Moore, another “champion of the people” who likes to hire non-union help for his films, and Russell Simmons, who marches with the Occupy Wall Street knuckleheads even as he hawks credit cards with predatory lending rates to the very people he professes he’s looking out for.


“Do as I say, not as I do.” That’s what should be emblazoned across every marquee in Hollywood as the “progressive and enlightened” millionaire singers and actors lecture us about the plight of the common man from their secluded enclaves high in the Hollywood Hills.