O.J. Pisses on Nicole’s Grave

May 12, 2006


And the O.J. Simpson saga goes on. Just when you thought this amoral sociopath couldn’t possibly do anything to make you detest him more, O.J. raises the bar–outdoes himself–disgraces the human race with a cynicism heretofore reserved for politicians.


In “Juiced,” a pay-per-view show set to air this month, Simpson appears in several vignettes where he pulls pranks on unsuspecting victims candid-camera style. One prank involves Simpson on a used-car lot trying to sell the infamous white Bronco in which he led Los Angeles police on a slow-speed chase three days after butchering his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman. This chase, of course, is where we got our most revealing look into Simpson’s moral character as he played the coward throughout, whining and acting aggrieved as he threatened suicide, conveniently choosing to forget that he had murdered the mother of his children by slicing her throat from ear to ear.


“Juiced,” a wretched paean to all that television has become, finds O.J. telling a prospective Bronco buyer that, “It was good for me—it helped me get away.” That something this disgusting is allowed to happen in this country is shameful. Fred Goldman, Ronald’s long-suffering father, said he found Simpson’s comments “morally reprehensible.” Indeed, would anyone think less of Goldman if he had Simpson killed?


Simpson’s partner in crime is the contemptible Rick Mahr, who besides being an empty and kindred soul of Simpson’s, is also the purveyor of distasteful dreck like “The Best of Backyard Wrestling,” “Ghetto Brawls,” and my favorite, “Brawling Broads.” That either one of these vermin can be so flippant about these savage murders, especially when we all know who committed them, is truly stunning.


I hope there’s a special place in hell for these two—a corner booth where they can share cocktails with Johnnie Cochran and reminisce about the good old days when it was okay to keep your bitch in line by slashing her throat.