A Black Eye for the Dems

August 8, 2010


Will wonders never cease? It appears Democrats have found a moral compass at long last, making a statement condemning Senate nominee Alvin Greene, the surprise winner of the South Carolina Democratic primary, who was indicted Friday on obscenity charges. The state’s Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler issued a statement urging Greene to reconsider his candidacy.

“In June, I asked Mr. Greene to withdraw his candidacy because of the charges against him. Following today’s indictments, I repeat that request,” Fowler said.

“It will be impossible for Mr. Greene to address his legal issues and run a statewide campaign. The indictment renews concerns that Mr. Greene cannot represent the values of the Democratic Party or South Carolina voters.”

It’s a real shame that the Democrats can’t find the same antipathy toward career criminals Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters who are allowed to continue in Congress despite the gaggle of legal issues mounting against them. “Innocent until proven guilty” and “Let the system work” are the mantras. Apparently the standards are different if you’re a barely literate life-long failure, but more importantly, one with little chance to win in November.

I, frankly, can’t see what the problem is. I seem to recall a politician who faced similar allegations some years ago, and not only did the Democratic party stand by him, but he was, and still is, the face of the party and a hero to the left. His name was Bill Clinton. God, I hope Greene wins!!

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