My Fellow Americans, Our Long National Nightmare is Over!

January 20, 2017


As Marine One soared into the sky this afternoon, so too did my spirits at the notion that the United States of America is now in the hands of a capable person who will put the country first and not pander to every low-rent, fringe group that wants to assault our traditions, take away our rights, and demand its own bathrooms.  Obama was whisked away, and has, at long last, taken his last free ride on the tax-payer funded transportation that he has so long abused, gallivanting about the palatial spreads of his well-heeled donors and flitting about the golf courses of our great country, all the while lecturing (my could he lecture!) the unwashed masses about their carbon footprints.

‘Tis a great day, indeed.  The most spiteful, vindictive, dishonest, divisive, condescending, and anti-American president we’ve ever had is now relegated to the dustbin of Oval Office failures.  History will probably treat him kindly as it is written largely by the mendacious left-wing media that drools over him–and believes that electing a first black, female, or transgender president is more important than actual ability–but the rest of us know better.

Obama spoke of hope and change, transforming the country, enacting Obamacare and carbon trade-offs, and welcoming third-world refugees that want to harm us, but those policies were in the process of being reversed even as the anointed one lifted off into the Washington, D.C. sky.  Obama’s real legacy was on full display mere blocks from where President Trump was being sworn in.  It was there that the unemployed crybabies, sore losers, snowflakes, racists, and rioters that were always Obama’s core constituency threw rocks at police, broke windows, vandalized cars, started fires, and channeled the sociopathic and violent behavior that their hateful savior always encouraged.  Behold the tolerance of the left!!

The vainglorious Obama, who did his level best to trip up Trump and kick over the Monopoly board with his petty, last-minute executive actions, is now gone, hopefully to never return in any meaningful way other than to serve as the yardstick for utter failure.

In some aspects, however, it was business as usual.  The lying left-wing media, most notably CNN and MSNBC, was still doing what it does best:  shilling for the Democrats and trying to piss on Trump’s parade.  CNN showed the rioters alongside a graphic that said, “The Inauguration of Donald Trump,” and “Protesters, Police Clash Blocks from Parade Route.”  The obvious and cheap attempt to conflate Trump with violence has fallen flat as everyone has seen with their own eyes which side always initiates the violence and vitriol.  One CNN talking head spoke of “civil disobedience,” clearly displaying, at once, not only his lack of journalistic integrity, but his ignorance of the meaning of the word “civil.”

Meanwhile, over at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Brian Williams, still in the dark about the meaning of November’s election, denigrated large swaths of the American people and chortled about what they perceived to be Trump’s inability to manage the organization of the Republican convention or his own inaugural parade.  What they didn’t mention was that Trump swamped them at the polls.

Brian Williams huffed that the parade, which featured a small phalanx of tractors, was “part tractor pull”, a haughty and dismissive repudiation of the people who don’t lie about being shot at in combat, but instead roll up their sleeves and go to work every morning.  Matthews, as the Trump family walked onto the review stand, intoned that “They look like the Romanovs,” which spoken by anyone but an accredited left-wing loon would be deemed Russophobic and hateful by those exactly like Matthews.  I won’t give Matthews credit for being smart enough to make that reference as a nod to the  manufactured “Russian meddling” that Hillary and her bootlickers are using as their most recent excuse for her November ass-kicking.

Maddow continued her “Trump illegitimacy” campaign by noting that the new president is employing his son-in-law Jared Kushner as an adviser, in what Maddow perceives to be a violation of nepotism laws.  “Well he is a licensed real estate agent,” Maddow sneered in trying to malign Kushner’s lack of political experience.  She and her clueless ilk still don’t understand that political lifers are precisely the reason Trump won the election.  But the richest irony came from the fact that literally seconds before her Kushner smear, Maddow and her band of unmerry men were waxing rhapsodic about Democratic icon John Kennedy who—wait for it—hired his brother to be Attorney General!!

Ah, great days are ahead.  The country has been saved, at least for the moment, from the nasty, silence-the-opposition-at-any-cost Democrats, and the rest of us can look forward to four years of teeth-gnashing and caterwauling from Obama and Hillary’s dim-witted followers.  We, the people, have seized back the reins, and tonight the White House won’t be lit up in rainbow colors, but in the colors of the good ol’ Red, White, and Blue!

There May Be HOPE, After All, For Obama

February 3, 2009


Well you can knock me over with a feather! Our new president may actually have some substance behind all the hot air he’s been blowing for the past several years. His admission that Tom Daschle was a bad nomination, and that it sent a bad message, is my first ray of hope (that word again!) that Obama may actually be trying to change the culture of Washington, even if his hand was forced.


Obama admitted to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “I don’t want to send a message to the American people that there are two sets of standards, one for powerful people, and one for ordinary folks who are working every day and paying their taxes.” In so doing, Obama has become the very first politician I can ever recall taking responsibility for anything that didn’t involve self-aggrandizement. Hats off to the new prez!


Now I’m not naïve enough to think that Obama doesn’t have an agenda, but as an American, I will pull for anyone–Democrat, Republican, or otherwise– if they are doing honest work and trying to flush Washington of the bloated and vile lifers that seem intent on spending forever at the public trough. (The Kennedys or Clintons, anyone?) If Obama remains true to his word, I’m in his corner….but I’m not holding my breath.

And Obama Sayeth…Let There Be a Stimulus Plan

January 28, 2009



Obama certainly does work in mysterious ways. A poll on CNN’s website this morning revealed that 61% of Americans support Premier Obama’s proposed $850 billion “stimulus plan”, that cruel hoax soon to be played on the American people. History has shown time and time again that stimulus packages don’t work, but the American people are perfectly content to throw good money after bad as long as it’s the Messiah doing the selling. H.L. Mencken said that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public….he had no idea. He also said “Democracy is the worship of jackals by jackasses,” but I digress.


When Henry Paulson first started grabbing with both hands back in September, there was a hue and cry across the nation as fed-up citizens took to the streets and e-mailed their Congressmen to prevent this blatant theft of taxpayer money. “George Bush, Republicans, and greedy Wall Street types are robbing us blind,” the citizens cried. By margins of 80-20 and as high as 90-10, the people rightly opposed the bailout. And their anger was well-placed, though not nearly as widespread as it should have been.


Wall Street, “W”, and all the usual suspects were HUGELY complicit, but few cared to think that there were actually some Democrats that might be responsible as well. While Republicans were raked over the coals, few cared to listen that Christopher Dodd (he of the triple chin and the sweetheart loans), Maxine Waters (serial violator of the Federal law prohibiting nepotism), Barney Frank (who seems to think that because he likes it in the ass, so do the rest of us), and Obama cronies Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson were equally, if not more culpable, than the Republicans. Few cared to listen that it was the Community Reinvestment Act, signed into law by Jimmy Carter, and further strengthened by Bill Clinton in 1995, that set America down its current path.


As a former real estate agent, I know first-hand the insidiousness of the CRE. At our weekly meetings, the first priority was ALWAYS, “Don’t get sued! Don’t redline! EVERYONE gets a loan!” The sins of the father are now being visited upon the rest of us, and we, the sheep, play right along. We can’t wait to give more money to the very people who created this mess in the first place.


Obama has been making noise about delaying the nationwide conversion to digital TV, with the argument that many American citizens aren’t prepared for this overhaul. Why this conversion should be subsidized by the government is a rant for another day, but Obama’s intent should be closely scrutinized—like Hitler at Munich, he relies on the glassy-eyed masses, this time in front of their idiot boxes, to get his message across. Sadly, no one in the media calls him on it. Even more sadly, we, the people, are the ones who pay in the end.