And Just Why Does James Comey Warrant a Motorcade?

May 9, 2017


Donald, I LOVE YOU!!!  Just when you start to lose me with your feeble health insurance bill and your budget capitulation on The Wall, you go to your long suit and make Democratic/Progressive heads explode!!!  The Donald’s firing of James Comey was long overdue—the former FBI Director is an egotistical, waffling, and incompetent Washington hack whose list of failures and oversights is long–but if I’d had any idea how the Left would foam at the mouth and wet their pants, I would have stocked up on popcorn days ago and settled into my recliner to watch the show.

Surfing the cable landscape was never so much fun as it was tonight watching Lawrence O’Donnell pull the strings of his dour and predictable guests who gasped that Comey’s dismissal signaled the end of the Union.  And it was sheer delight watching Muff Dive Maddow take shots at the only President who has ever had the nuts to bypass the dead in the water mainstream media and fight back on his own terms.  Never mind that for months Democrats have been calling for Comey’s head because, after all, it was he that caused Coattails Hillary to burp up the biggest slam dunk of all elections. Tonight, it was scandalous that Comey was given the heave-ho, presumably at the behest of Vladimir Putin, or birthers, or deplorables, or racists, or fascists, or whoever happens to be currently hiding under the beds of the left-wing scum infesting our nation.

O’Donnell employed dreary Neera Tanden to lament this broadside on our Constitution, while David Frum, who will probably change his mind tomorrow on this highly warranted firing, opined that this “was an attack on the integrity—not just of law enforcement—but of our defense against a foreign cyberattack on the processes of American democracy.”  WHEW!!  Got all that?  Good thing Frum was at happy hour when Hillary was selling off our uranium assets to the Russians for a cool $145 million and Obama was telling former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, “This is my last election…after my election, I’ll have more flexibility.”  Russian ties, indeed!

O’Donnell, for his part, knew the Comey firing was serious potatoes when he learned that “Camera Time” Chuck Schumer called it a Trump cover-up and was insisting that all members of the Senate be seated tomorrow morning at 9 am for what we can only guess will be another auto-erotic Schumer grandstanding.  After all, there must be momentous work to be done if the liars and thieves that do our country’s business are actually supposed to show up to work on time.  Momentous enough that even Brian Williams came home from his rigorous combat duty to lambaste the President.

So troubling was Comey’s dismissal that the various networks and cable outlets zeroed in on the erstwhile director as he rode a heavy motorcade down the Los Angeles freeways and then left LAX on a private plane.  None of the crack journalists, who stand up for the little guy, after all, bothered to speculate on why an FBI director warrants a full motorcade and a private jet.  Then again, they haven’t lost a lot of sleep over their savior Obama chalking up a $400,000 windfall for a speech to the Wall Street “fat cats” he spent eight years demonizing, or another $30,000 A MINUTE (that’s $3 million) for 100 minutes of sermonizing in Italy last week.  It’s 1789 France all over again with the gulf between the haves and the have-nots widening by the day as our mainstream media pretends to care while looking the other way and tilting at windmills involving Russian boogeymen, transgender bathrooms, and Play-doh at exam time for our effete millennials.

Keep a drainin’ the swamp, Donald!!

Only McCain Can Make Me Thank the Lord for Obama

August 3, 2010



I was watching John McCain blather last night during an interview with Greta Van Susteren and had to marvel at a particular distinction that the automaton holds that no other does…he is the ONLY person I would less rather see in the White House than the current disaster now occupying that residence. He drones and drones without providing any illumination beyond the bromides he’s heard from others and which he parrots in stultifying fashion. A bigger problem still is that he lies through his teeth, hardly maverick behavior in a Senatorial body shot through with liars.


McCain would have people believe that he has favored sealing Arizona’s borders all along, when in fact, during his presidential campaign, he pandered to Latino voters with promises of “comprehensive immigration reform”—code for allowing illegals to gain citizenship. He was opposed to building fences or fortifying the borders then, but now as public sentiment grows for SB 1070, he is castigating Obama for not doing enough to protect the borders.


McCain misses no opportunity to bash the chosen one on his economic policies as well, forever talking about how the president is “mortgaging our children’s futures” with the seemingly endless series of stimulus bills that have failed miserably. McCain is now trying to wash his hands of his massive role in the original TARP bill which propped up failing Wall Street crooks, and for which McCain famously interrupted his presidential campaign to support. At the time he proclaimed that he was returning to Washington to do the peoples’ work. What a tool!!


But his nattering about “mortgaging our children’s futures” does raise an interesting thought. Why should we care about our children’s futures? We’re talking about a generation of kids whose interest in the world doesn’t extend beyond Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga, and frankly they’re getting what they deserve. It was largely this generation of knuckleheads that put Obama and his attendant socialist policies in office because they thought it would be hip to have a black president. Now they’re the same ones marching on California college campuses, protesting tuition hikes because the well has run dry after years and years of policies not unlike Obama’s. As Reverend Wright would say, “The chickens have come home to roost.”

Obama is Too Big To Fail



March 19, 2009


Is the honeymoon over yet? Can we all finally admit that a mere two months into his term, Barack’s administration is every bit as conniving, irresponsible, deceitful, shameless, arrogant, greedy, devious, carnivorous, treacherous, and calculating as George Bush’s ever was?


The entire country is crumbling from within, and Obama’s team members are busy covering their tails about the ever-growing AIG scandal as they’ve all been exposed as liars, even as they continue to dole out our money to select pork projects and friends on Wall Street. If the phrase hadn’t been outlawed, we could have them labeled as “enemy combatants”?


So much for change.


We are on the verge of real revolution here, folks. People are furious, and sweeping reforms need to be made, and where is the Messiah through all this chaos? He’s filling out his NCAA hoops bracket on ESPN and cracking wise with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. This man is a serious egomaniac and all you Obama voters were had. His ascendancy to the presidency was built on an everyman’s appeal that soon morphed into hero worship, and was sped along by a fawning media that refused to ask the tough questions and failed to understand that a lawyer raised in Chicago politics could in no possible way be honest.


But what is alarming is how much this guy loves himself. Watching him on Leno was terrifying. I firmly believe his only desire for the presidency was rooted in self-gratification and his need for attention and adulation. He has no interest in the people beyond how much they’ll genuflect at his feet. Not that this is unusual for politicians, but it’s telling that whenever someone asks him what it’s like to be president, he immediately mentions the perks. On Leno, he talked about how cool it was to wear his jacket with the presidential logo on Air Force One. Virtually every time I see him speak, he mentions the Secret Service, so we all know how important he is. We are, after all, talking about a man so impressed with himself that he wrote two autobiographies by the age of forty-five when no one had heard of him save the handful of politically aware Americans that watched his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic convention.


This guy would be an empty suit if it weren’t for his puffed chest, but everyone is still enthralled. The media is his biggest enabler. Last night on the Hannity show, Phil Donahue gushed that, “His smile could save us all.” Even Obama’s wife is getting in on the act. Two weeks ago CNN’s Jack Cafferty wrote on the CNN website, “I think I am developing a crush on America’s First Lady. Michelle Obama is more compelling than her husband. He’s good, but she’s utterly fascinating.” And, of course, we all remember Chris Matthews’ man-crush on the Messiah when upon hearing an Obama speech he spurted, “I felt this thrill going up my leg.”


Well it’s time for the pretty boy to roll up his sleeves and get to work instead of gallivanting across the countryside having his ass kissed. Taxpayer money is flying out of the vault while Congress berates Wall Street executives for legislation that Congress passed, and Barack is turning a blind eye to all the corruption among his crew. Remember when bills were going to be put online for five days before being voted on, so the American people could have a look at them? That promise, like all the others, went the way of the horse and buggy once the Messiah secured his fiefdom.


This man is dangerous, but the American media won’t take him to task. They have too much invested. And Obama is too big to fail.

And Obama Sayeth…Let There Be a Stimulus Plan

January 28, 2009



Obama certainly does work in mysterious ways. A poll on CNN’s website this morning revealed that 61% of Americans support Premier Obama’s proposed $850 billion “stimulus plan”, that cruel hoax soon to be played on the American people. History has shown time and time again that stimulus packages don’t work, but the American people are perfectly content to throw good money after bad as long as it’s the Messiah doing the selling. H.L. Mencken said that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public….he had no idea. He also said “Democracy is the worship of jackals by jackasses,” but I digress.


When Henry Paulson first started grabbing with both hands back in September, there was a hue and cry across the nation as fed-up citizens took to the streets and e-mailed their Congressmen to prevent this blatant theft of taxpayer money. “George Bush, Republicans, and greedy Wall Street types are robbing us blind,” the citizens cried. By margins of 80-20 and as high as 90-10, the people rightly opposed the bailout. And their anger was well-placed, though not nearly as widespread as it should have been.


Wall Street, “W”, and all the usual suspects were HUGELY complicit, but few cared to think that there were actually some Democrats that might be responsible as well. While Republicans were raked over the coals, few cared to listen that Christopher Dodd (he of the triple chin and the sweetheart loans), Maxine Waters (serial violator of the Federal law prohibiting nepotism), Barney Frank (who seems to think that because he likes it in the ass, so do the rest of us), and Obama cronies Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson were equally, if not more culpable, than the Republicans. Few cared to listen that it was the Community Reinvestment Act, signed into law by Jimmy Carter, and further strengthened by Bill Clinton in 1995, that set America down its current path.


As a former real estate agent, I know first-hand the insidiousness of the CRE. At our weekly meetings, the first priority was ALWAYS, “Don’t get sued! Don’t redline! EVERYONE gets a loan!” The sins of the father are now being visited upon the rest of us, and we, the sheep, play right along. We can’t wait to give more money to the very people who created this mess in the first place.


Obama has been making noise about delaying the nationwide conversion to digital TV, with the argument that many American citizens aren’t prepared for this overhaul. Why this conversion should be subsidized by the government is a rant for another day, but Obama’s intent should be closely scrutinized—like Hitler at Munich, he relies on the glassy-eyed masses, this time in front of their idiot boxes, to get his message across. Sadly, no one in the media calls him on it. Even more sadly, we, the people, are the ones who pay in the end.